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Why do I need Bodycare?

Think of Bodycare just like your Skincare. We created facial routines to help provide are skin with healthy levels of hydration and protection to avoid environmental and hormonal concerns from damaging or prematurely aging our skin, but why do we so

Why use natural Bodycare?

Natural Bodycare is a firm favourite amongst those of us with sensitive skin. Like a big hug, Natural products are kinder to your skin and equally as effective. By using products that have a high % of natural ingredients (97% to be exact), this can h

I have sensitive skin, can I use Noughty?

All the products in the Noughty range are 97% natural and are formulated to be extremely gentle, leaving out possible irritants such as sulphates and parabens. If your skin or hair is sensitive, try our Care Taker and The Soother ranges. These produc

Why is my skin so sensitive? What products to use when having sensitive skin?

We would love to offer a one fits all solution to this very common concern but the truth is skin sensitivity is very much determined on a case by case basis. A great place to start your journey of skin discovery would be our bodycare quiz. If still f

Why does the Hero Body Yoghurt take longer to sink in than my normal body lotion/moisturiser?

The HBY is enriched with hyaluronic acid, a humectant your body produces naturally to keep your tissues hydrated. It forms a slight film over the surface of your skin, which works to enhance and support the skin’s natural barrier system. Hyaluronic a

Why doesn’t The Hero Cream Body Wash foam like my normal body wash?

HCBW is formulated with a low level of surfactant and plenty of plant oils; the right recipe to form gently cleansing micelles that lift excess oil, sweat and grime from the skin and rinse it away. No bubbles needed. The benefit? Your skin is cleanse

What is the difference between a body polish and a scrub?

Both serve the purpose of exfoliating, we just like to use names to help tell you about the texture of the product formulation. A scrub can have larger particles so can be used two-three times a week where a polish generally can have finer particles

Which to I use first, body wash or body scrub?

Always wash your body before applying body scrub. This lifts away the sweat and grime, so rather than rubbing those into your skin, the scrub is lifting away dead skin cells, polishing the surface to leave it smoother and looking bright.

How important is it to use a scrub? When is the best moment to use a scrub?

Lets get physical! A body scrub provides physical exfoliation that helps smooth and soften the appearance to your skin. By exfoliating you are helping breakdown daily build up on the skins surface. Dead skin cells naturally rise to the surface and wi

Can I use The Soother range on my children?

All skin should be treated gently and with care no matter which family member is using it. That’s why all Noughty Bodycare is suitable for ages 3+. We’ve taken it one step further with The Soother, clinically and dermatologically testing the range to

Which do I use first, moisturiser or serum?

Just like in facial skincare, you should use your serum first on clean, bare skin and follow it with a body moisturiser.

How important is it to use a moisturiser? How frequently do I need to use a moisturiser?

Body moisturisers are a great way to start a little self worship. Almost two thirds of the skin is made up from water and we are constantly needing to hydrate our complexion in order to preserve and avoid the effects of dehydration of the skins surfa

Does using a scrub reduce ingrown hairs?

Yes indeed; Noughty have your back (or should we say bikini line)! Ingrown hairs a very common if you shave, wax, tweezer or have coarse or curly hair. Usually appearing around your biknin line, armpits and neck they can form anywhere you produce hai

What are the benefits of hyaluronic acid in my bodycare?

Hyaluronic acid is a safe bet when looking for a problem solver to your skin concerns; especially those focused around hydration. Hyaluronic acids main mojo when produced by your body is to retain water to keep your connective tissue lubricated and m

How to avoid stretch marks?

Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise! The best way to help prevent stretch marks is to regularly keep your skin Moisturised. Keeping the skin supple and soft may prove helpful to some for reducing the appearance of stetch marks. By using a Moisturiser

Why is my skin so dry?

We would love to offer a one fits all solution to this very common concern but the truth is dry skin is very much determined on a case by case basis. A great place to start your journey of skin discovery would be our bodycare quiz. If still feeling a