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How important is it to use a moisturiser? How frequently do I need to use a moisturiser?Updated a year ago

Body moisturisers are a great way to start a little self worship. Almost two thirds of the skin is made up from water and we are constantly needing to hydrate our complexion in order to preserve and avoid the effects of dehydration of the skins surface. For optimum result and to start new habits and routines try using once daily. For those who maybe experiencing specific concerns like dryness or sensitivity try twice daily. Fit one application in whilst brushing your teeth and another just before you catch some Zzz. Moisturiser is the mother of bodycare, it should be the first product you introduce and the one you keep by your side in your bodycare routine. If wanting some motherly advice, why not try The Booster Body Moisturiser for Toning and Firming or The Smoother Gel Moisturiser for a fragrance free sensitive option. 

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