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Does using a scrub reduce ingrown hairs?Updated a year ago

Yes indeed; Noughty have your back (or should we say bikini line)! Ingrown hairs a very common if you shave, wax, tweezer or have coarse or curly hair. Usually appearing around your biknin line, armpits and neck they can form anywhere you produce hair. If you find an increase or have just had enough then add an exfoliating body scrub into your bodycare routine. This will help and prevent more of these unwanted hairy friends popping up. Looking for a Scrubber?! Why not try out The Hero Body Scrub for a burst of Hydration and Exfoliation or for those a little more sensitive explore the Soother Body Polish as a possible solution to your bodycare concern. 

We recommend exfoliating before shaving as the exfoliating process will help to remove dirt and dead skin cells.

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