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Is your packaging recyclable?

Noughty’s packaging is completely recyclable. The exception is those products with pumps and unfortunately they still need to be disposed of in household waste. We also recommend that customers separate the lid or cap from the packaging as they will

Is your packaging sustainable?

Sustainable packaging. A topic that simply can’t (and should never) be ignored. It’s a key part of our evolving journey for continual progression towards a more sustainable future.From late 2020, we proudly switched production of our tubes, bottles a

Is Noughty plastic free?

Noughty uses plastic in its packaging but utilises materials that are recyclable such as Sugarcane and PCR.

How do you reduce your plastic emissions?

CleanHub, our echo-heros, collect and repurpose plastic before it enters the ocean, thus offering a solution to neutralise plastic emissions and get one step closer towards plastic-free oceans. Noughty will calculate our plastic emissions and pay for

What does Plastic Neutral and Plastic Positive mean?

Plastic neutrality means, companies calculate their plastic emissions and we recover the equivalent from the environment in polluted countries, such as Indonesia or India. Plastic positive means CleanHub recover more plastic than the companies emit.

Is sustainability considered in your choice of ingredients?

We are committed to supporting, respecting and preserving natural resources wherever possible, within the constraints of our brand. Our goal is to foster a community for continual progression towards a better and more sustainable future. This feeds i

Does your palm oil come from a sustainable source?

Here at Noughty, where necessary to deliver performance and results, we do use derivatives of palm oil in the production of our products.  However as  sustainability is really important to us, we ensure all our palm oil and palm kernel oils are purch

Who is CleanHub?

CleanHub is a company dedicated to free the planet from plastic pollution, while offering solutions for brands to have verifiable environmental impact. Cleanhub works in global partnerships to recover plastic waste from the natural environment, while

Where does the plastic get collected from with CleanHub?

Plastic pollution is a global problem that affects us all. CleanHub focus on the most critical regions where we can have the highest possible impact on preventing marine plastic pollution. South (East) Asia is the gateway for more than 80% of all pla

Is all packaging now Sugarcane?

From late 2020, we proudly switched production of our tubes, bottles and jars to part bio-plastic sugarcane. However due to increased demand in sugarcane we have also integrated a secondary recycle plastic known as PCR (that’s Post Consumer Recycled

Which plastic is recovered from the environment?

More than 8 million tonnes of plastic enter our oceans every year through polluted coastal regions. 75% of all plastic produced is waste, can not be reused for new products and is therefore left behind in the environment. To maximize our impact, Clea

What are you doing to offset carbon emissions?

The harvesting and then regrowth of the sugarcane we use for our packaging works to remove CO2. Every kilogram of the green sugarcane plastic produced results in 3.09kg of CO2 removed from the air. The process is renewable and employs local farmers i

Where is your Irish Moss sourced?

Our Irish Moss comes from either Ireland, Canada or France and is Vegan.

What is the filling in my Noughty parcel?

As a brand on an evolving journey towards a more sustainablefuture, Noughty is constantly looking for ways to reduce waste in the packagingthat we use. Your Noughty goodies will now arrive in their fully recyclablebox, cocooned in wheat pulp. Wheat p