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Why is Noughty 97% natural?Updated a year ago

Great question! Noughty's mission is to exceed the performance and expectation of conventional hair and body care with natural alternatives that won't cost the earth - literally.

We choose to formulate with 97% naturally derived ingredients and 3% synthetics. Why? Because we believe this balance gives the best experience and result all round - for you, your hair and body care needs and for our valued supply chain.  

Whilst every Noughty product is firmly rooted in the science of plant power, the 3% allows for our preservative system (to stop the product from going off after opening), emulsifying agents (to stop ingredients from separating out) and some lovely fragrances to leave you smelling gorgeous. 

Our 97:3 balance also helps us to preserve natural resources. So, while we create Noughty products with an aim to bring you joy and confidence, we always prioritise our transparent values in responsible, ethical sourcing and sustainability.

As Aretha put it, it all comes down to a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T, for people, paws and the planet.

Find out more about the science of 97:3 here.

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