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I'm new to natural hair care and my hair feels dry, tangled, matted, sticky or heavy after using Noughty for the first time. Am I doing something wrong?Updated a year ago

When you’re making the transition to natural haircare products from conventional haircare, essentially, you're asking your hair to go through a detox process. If you’ve ever tried a detox yourself, you’ll know they aren’t always the most pleasant of processes, but the result is usually worth a little patience!

So, what's happening to your hair as you transition and why? Conventional ingredients, such as silicones, leave residues that can coat the hair shaft; build-up that can weigh the hair down and leave it looking dull. This is where the detox comes in. It can take several washes to remove the build-up caused by a conventional haircare product. That’s why we recommend using Noughty for at least 8 washes. Patience always pays off. 

Like you, every head of hair is unique: your hair detox symptoms and how long it takes to see the real benefits can vary. For some, their hair can feel tangled, dry and brittle and some may notice an oily scalp.  For others, the detox works wonders, and hair is left feeling and smelling gorgeous - we hope this is you!

You might only experience one of these issues in the detox and transition process, or maybe a few, but rest assured we have some advice about how to handle the challenges while your hair re-adjusts to natural. For further support with your transition to Noughty naturals head here.

Alternatively, you may be using a product that’s not quite suited to you, so it's worth taking our hair quiz to discover your personalised haircare regime here or emailing the team at [email protected] for further advice.

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